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Secure photo tracing now also available for unaccompanied minor refugees

Many families are forcibly separated when fleeing armed conflicts, whether at border crossings or later in initial registration facilities or emergency shelters. This means that a number of small children are among those seeking relatives. The GRC Tracing Service offers them practical assistance through “Trace the Face Kids” – while meeting the highest possible data privacy requirements.

To provide a secure online tracing service for unaccompanied minor refugees, “Trace the Face -kids-” can now be accessed through a new, password-protected area on Photos of children looking for relatives and vice versa can only be published on the platform by the Red Cross Tracing Services. The images can then only be viewed together with a Red Cross employee. This way the Red Cross helps relatives to get back in touch. This enhanced tracing service will be piloted by Red Cross employees in Germany, Austria, Croatia and Switzerland.

In contrast, the freely accessible website is aimed at refugees aged 15 and up in Europe who have lost relatives while fleeing conflict and believe they are in a European country. These people can publish their photo online with the help of the Red Cross in their host country. The pictures will also be published throughout Europe as a tracing request on posters containing details of the relative(s) the person is seeking (sister, brother, mother, son, etc.). Additional information like the person’s age and nationality will be detailed on the website. All other data will remain anonymous to protect those concerned. The internal area for unaccompanied minor refugees is an enhancement for the “Trace the Face” website of the Tracing Service. at a glance:

  • Photos of people aged 15 and up who have lost relatives will be publicly visible on the website
  • Children’s photos can only be viewed together with a Red Cross employee in the internal area of the website.
  • Photos of relatives aged 15 and older who are seeking children and belong to the aforementioned target group will be publicly visible (provided that they have signed a consent form) and published in the internal area of the site.

Children who have been separated from their family in Europe and parents searching for their children can use the photo-based tracing service at any time by contacting their local Tracing Service support centre. Get our contact details here.

Find out more about the “Trace the Face” project here.