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  1. How we help

The GRC Tracing Service helps in the search for relatives

The GRC Tracing Service supports people who have become separated from their family due to armed conflicts, natural disasters, escape, displacement or migration. In the search for your loved ones, we may also cooperate with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the tracing services of other Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The Red Cross also helps to provide certainty when the person you are looking for is presumed to have died, for example in the case of missing persons or prisoners of war. You can find more information about the humanitarian tasks of the GRC Tracing Service here:

Support in tracing and fate clarification

Connecting, reuniting and other tasks of the GRC Tracing Service

  •  Man makes a phone call with help of the GRC Tracing Service


    The GRC Tracing Service enables the exchange of messages between relatives who have lost contact to each other and cannot communicate using conventional means.
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  • Family reunited at the airport


    The GRC Tracing Service advises and supports relatives who are separated by armed conflict, disaster, flight, expulsion or migration in reuniting families in Germany.
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  • German Red Cross helper

    Further tasks

    Other tasks of the GRC Tracing Service include the National Information Bureau.
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