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Online tracing request Second World War

Please note the following information:

If your permanent residence is not in Germany but abroad, please contact the local National Red Cross/Red Crescent Society first. They will check your search request for jurisdiction and data protection guidelines before forwarding it to the DRK Search Service for initiating further investigations in Germany.

Sought Person - Page 1

Please enter the details of the sought person here. The more details you can provide, the better it is for our search. The details in the fields marked with an * (asterisk) are mandatory, otherwise a search is not possible.
Please indicate in particular for females
aliases or other ways of spelling names
e.g. also region and country
if necessary, a rough estimate such as 1925-30
at least country / region
e.g. letter, personal contact, third party report
Please indicate

Sought Person - Page 2

The information in the following fields can help us a great deal in the identification process. If you cannot provide details to any of the following facts at this moment, you can skip these fields and instead give us some information about yourself.
Please indicate if known
Please indicate if known
e.g. wife, children
if former Soldiers


We now would like to ask you to provide some information about yourself. Unfortunately we cannot process anonymous requests. The fields marked with an * are mandatory. Your personal data will be passed onto the sought person so that they can decide if they want to contact you.
A lot of questions are easier to resolve on the telephone. If you provide us with your telephone number, we will be happy to call you.

Online tracing request Second World War

If you have entered an e-mail address you will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with the data entered.

After you have sent your request you can print it out.

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