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Information and background knowledge

Here you can learn more about the GRC Tracing Service. The success stories from our daily work as well as the historical outline, including the institutional development of the GRC Tracing Service after 1945, show that the humanitarian tasks of the GRC Tracing Service have been topical for more than 150 years. Further information on the work of the Tracing Service can be found in our publications (available for order) or by visiting the archive and documentation centre.


  • GRC President - Gerda Hasselfeldt

    Insights into our work

    Here you will find some success stories about the work of the GRC Tracing Service and interesting facts about our activities in Germany and in the field of international cooperation.
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  • Office of the GRC - forerunner of the later Tracing Service


    The search for relatives separated by armed conflict and the clarification of missing persons' fates have been part of the GRC's work from the very beginning.
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  • Archive rooms - central name card index at the Munich location

    Archive and documentation centre

    The Munich office has been the central information and documentation centre of the GRC Tracing Service since 1982.
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  • Publications and order form

    Our brochures, leaflets and posters can be viewed here. We would also be happy to send you the required number of copies by post. Please use our order form to this end.
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  • Helper of the GRC Tracing Service on the phone

    Background knowledge

    There are many reasons why relatives around the world lose contact with each other today. The GRC Tracing Service helps people in Germany searching for a relative on the sole basis of migration-related separation, regardless of their residence status.
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