Submitting a research request

We will be happy to receive your research request or your request in connection with the compilation of a chronicle of your community or your local history association.

  • For inquiries in connection with the compilation of a chronicle of your community or your local history association, please use the online tracing form or send a message to info(at)
  • If you have a research request, please fill in and sign an application for use form and send it back to us by post or e-mail. We may then enter into a joint usage agreement that governs the handling of the materials and sensitive data you receive from the GRC Tracing Service.

Here you will find our form for your application for use in German and English:

Here you will find our contact details.

Please explain your intention in more detail in the application for use and, if applicable, which documents you are interested in. If your research includes living persons, they will usually have to provide a declaration of consent. If our data does not show beyond doubt that the person you are looking for has already died, we may need a corresponding confirmation.

In the field “Description of the research project”, please also provide as precise information as possible on the names and dates and places of birth of the persons sought. Should you wish to inquire about a more extensive list of names, please enclose it with your application. As a guideline, we can process a maximum of 100 persons in one request. Should you wish to research a larger number of persons independently, please let us know so that we can arrange a date for you to visit the archive.

We will inform you of the results of our research in writing; if necessary, we will also contact you by telephone. We always provide information in compliance with the data protection regulations.

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