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International Day of the Disappeared 2022

Berlin, 29.08.2022

Countless refugees throughout the world have gone missing without a trace. On the 30 August, the International Day of the Disappeared, the German Red Cross (GRC) is spotlighting its Tracing Service –…

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Ukrainian population on the run

Armed conflict in Ukraine: Information from the GRC Tracing Service

Berlin, 09.03.2022 In view of the current situation in Ukraine, the GRC Tracing Service provides the following information on its services read more

Flag of the ICRC

Open Letter from the ICRC and the GRC

Berlin, 31.01.2022

Hacking the data of the world’s most vulnerable is an outrage

The recent cyber-attack targeting humanitarian data belonging to 515,000 people was an affront to humanity, endangering those already…

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GRC Tracing Service

GRC also affected by cyber-attack on ICRC server in Geneva

Berlin, 20.01.2022

The serious cyber attack reported by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Geneva yesterday evening, 19 January, also affects the International Tracing Service of the German Red Cross…

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Gerda Hasselfeldt, President of the German Red Cross

International Day of the Disappeared 2021

Berlin, 30.08.2021

On the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared (30 August), the GRC Tracing Service held a press conference to draw attention to the current situation of Afghan refugees and to the…

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Extension of the tracing service work for the Second World War

GRC President Hasselfeldt welcomes the extension of the tracing service work to second World War read more

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