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International Day of the Disappeared 2022

Countless refugees throughout the world have gone missing without a trace. On the 30 August, the International Day of the Disappeared, the German Red Cross (GRC) is spotlighting its Tracing Service – one of its core activities. “For each missing person, there is a whole family desperate for information. The Red Cross helps relatives search for loved ones worldwide. Last year, the GRC alone processed around 1,730 international tracing requests. The main countries of origin continue to be Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Iraq, and Ukraine has also been added to the list this year. Since January we have received approximately 700 requests in total. Due to the many prolonged and serious crises across the globe, it is all the more important to make the work of our Tracing Service better known to those in need of it,” says Gerda Hasselfeldt, President of the German Red Cross.

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