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Insights into our work

Whether it is a search in connection with the Second World War or due to current migration, or advice on family reunification, the personal stories behind the tracing requests that reach the GRC Tracing Service may vary greatly. But they always have one thing in common: relatives who do not want to give up hope for redeeming certainty or for a happy reunion with their family and who tirelessly strive for clarification of fate and unification; often across many national borders.

The success stories of the Tracing Service's work encourage other affected persons. They help as many people as possible to make use of the services of the GRC Tracing Service and to find their relatives, to be in contact with them or to live together again.

Here you will find some success stories about the work of the GRC Tracing Service and interesting facts about our activities in Germany and in the field of international cooperation.

afete T.

Tafete T. searched and found his father. Twice.

For most people, one’s parents or children are just a walk, a short trip or a phone call away. However, not for Tafete T. from Ethiopia, whose father suddenly disappeared from his life without a… read more

How the student Lara Rading researched the fate of her great-grandfather, who was missing on the Eastern Front, and gained certainty for her family

For decades Heinrich Evers was regarded as “missing in the East 1944”. This is what it says on the back of a bracelet pendant which belongs to Lara Rading's grandmother. “I still remember exactly how… read more

Happy family reunification

Happy family reunification, but not without obstacles on the way

Through the delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Libya, the GRC Tracing Service received the urgent request of a Palestinian family from Syria: The mother with four… read more

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Sebastian Eitermoser (* 18th October 1924, Rettenbach, † 26th February 1945, Rybinsk)

There is almost no family in Germany who has not been affected by the war. In my family too, one son did not return home ´- my cousin Sebastian Eitermoser. read more

[Translate to Englisch:] Siedlung in Odessa

Success Story of a family reunion

On this page, we describe a DRK tracing service family reunion, using the Schmidt family as an example. The names have been changed for data protection reasons. read more

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