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How the student Lara Rading researched the fate of her great-grandfather, who was missing on the Eastern Front, and gained certainty for her family

For decades Heinrich Evers was regarded as “missing in the East 1944”. This is what it says on the back of a bracelet pendant which belongs to Lara Rading's grandmother. “I still remember exactly how some years ago I looked at the individual pendants with the zodiac signs on the front of this bracelet, which my grandmother often wears. All members of my family are ‘immortalized’ with a small round pendant, and on the back of this one pendant there is this one sentence: ‘missing in the east 1944’. When I read this, I asked my grandmother for the first time what it meant, if they had never heard from my great-grandfather again, and what that meant for her,” says the 16-year-old student from the Dresden Kreuzgymnasium.

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