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    • GRC Tracing Service - Tracing (Flower-Postcard)


      The GRC Tracing Service clarifies the fates of missing persons from the Second World War and searches worldwide for people who have been separated from their relatives as a result of current armed…
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    • Family reunited at the airport


      The GRC Tracing Service advises and supports relatives who are separated by armed conflict, disaster, flight, expulsion or migration in reuniting families in Germany.
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    • How we help

      How the GRC tracing service can help in the search or in the association of missing relatives is explained here.
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    • Helper of the GRC Tracing Service on the phone

      Background knowledge

      There are many reasons why relatives around the world lose contact with each other today. The GRC Tracing Service helps people in Germany searching for a relative on the sole basis of…
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    Search results 41 until 50 of 50

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