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ملاحظة هامة: نقل مكتب هامبورغ لخدمات البحث عن المفقودين

ملاحظة هامة
ستجد هنا وصفًا لكيفية الوصول إلى الموقع الجديد لخدمة البحث عن المفقودين التابعة للصليب الأحمر الألماني في هامبورغ.

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GRC Tracing Service in your area:

Assistance with leaving your region of origin

If the German authorities have given permission for entry into Germany, there are frequently problems for ethnic German repatriates involved with leaving their region of origin.

The GRC Tracing Service can assist with the following matters:

Application for and issue of a Wysow
Advice regarding receipt of an entry visa
Moving a person in poor health

Processing Wysow for the successor states of the former USSR

A specimen Wysow form Specimen: GRC tracing service

Many successor states of the former USSR require a so-called "request" (Wysow) to approve the departure of German nationals and ethnic Germans. It must be formally declared by the family members living on the territory of Germany.

The necessary Wysow form can be obtained from your GRC district branch. The completed Wysow will be translated free of charge at the Hamburg office of the GRC Tracing Service.

Entry visa

The GRC Tracing Service will assist you if you encounter difficulties with the granting of entry visas for holders of a transfer permit or of an admission or inclusion notice.

If you have any questions regarding the Wysow procedure or regarding the formalities of the entry visa, please get in contact with the GRC district branch responsible in your area or with the Hamburg office of the GRC Tracing Service.

Address and contact details of the GRC Tracing Service responsible at district branch level.

Address and contact details of the GRC Tracing Service Hamburg office.:

Transport to Germany for ethnic German repatriates in poor health

The Hamburg office of the GRC Tracing Service has been tasked by the German Government since 1 January 2000 with the organisation and implementation of transportation for ethnic German repatriates and/or their family members in poor health who cannot undertake the move from their regions of origin on their own.

In a deviation from the rule that you must always be able to leave on your own and at your own cost, this group of people can be granted support if certain requirements are in place, and/or with the payment of travel costs by the Federal Government and organisation of the departure by the Hamburg office of the GRC Tracing Service.

Every case of transportation of a sick person must be individually checked and prepared. For this reason, we shall dispense in this case with a detailed explanation of the separate requirements to be fulfilled.

If you or your family members require help and support in this respect, please contact the Hamburg office of the GRC Tracing Service. Our colleagues will be happy to advise you; appropriate forms (German/Russian) can also be requested from the Hamburg office.