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ملاحظة هامة: نقل مكتب هامبورغ لخدمات البحث عن المفقودين

ملاحظة هامة
ستجد هنا وصفًا لكيفية الوصول إلى الموقع الجديد لخدمة البحث عن المفقودين التابعة للصليب الأحمر الألماني في هامبورغ.

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GRC Tracing Service in your area:

International tracing and family messages

The German Red Cross (GRC) Tracing Service helps people to search for and get back into contact with family members from whom they have become separated through war, armed conflicts, catastrophes, or migration.

Armed conflicts and the displacement of people associated with them tear thousands of families apart globally year on year and leave desperate relatives in uncertainty regarding the fate of their friends and relatives. Catastrophes, epidemics and other humanitarian crisis force countless families all over the world to leave their home and embark on a journey to a new, uncertain future. And on this journey, too, many families lose contact with each other.

Support services

The GRC Tracing Service can support you with these services:

  • Worldwide searches for relatives, with whom contact has been lost on account of wars, armed conflicts, catastrophes or through migration.
  • Exchange of Red Cross Messages (RCM)
  • Procurement of health and welfare reports in the case of loss of contact with elderly or sick relatives abroad (Health & Welfare Report)
  • Notification of family members by telephone
  • Procurement of imprisonment confirmations
  • Transmission f important personal documents in the absence of other transmission methods

The services of the GRC Tracing Service are carried out for free and come with a guarantee of confidentiality.

Personal consultation

For a personal consultation, please contact us on:  +49 (0)89 / 68 07 73 -111.

You can also turn to our colleagues in the GRC regional and district branches in complete confidentiality.

You can make your tracing request here.


Information about international tracing and family reunification for refugees and migrants is available in 10 languages.  You can also order these publications through us.

German English French
Arabic Kurdish Dari
Urdu Somali Russian


A flyer for unaccompanied minor refugees explains to children and teenagers what the GRC Tracing Service can do for them, particularly with regard to searching for relatives as part of an asylum procedure in Europe.

You can find the flyer hier in 10 languages (so far).
Morge details on "unaccompanied minor refugees" can be found here.