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Files from Moscow

Since the start of the 1990s the GRC Tracing Service has been researching the former Soviet archives. With these new sources it is possible to obtain information about POWs and civilians who are missing as a result of Second World War events. In order to identify the right person within the Cyrillic documents, the analysis of materials requires meticulous research into the various name variations.

The files in the Russian State Military Archive in Moscow DRK tracing serviceAgreements about the acquisition of documents have currently been made with the following institutions:

  • the Russian State Military Archive,
  • the Main Information Centre of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs,
  • the Archive of the Russian Federal Security Service,
  • the Archive of the Ukraine Federal Security Service,
  • the Archive of the highest organs of power in the Ukraine,
  • the KGB Archive in Belarus,
  • the Ministry of Internal Affairs Archive in Belarus,

Excerpt from the electronic personal file of a German prisoner of war. E. Gurian/DRK tracing service Since 2004 the DRK tracing service has digitalised two million prisoner files relating to missing German soldiers and civilians from the Russian State Military Archive and has created a database with personal information and details about their fate.

The digitalised case files contain the following information e.g.

  • Death certificates and release documents,
  • Records of sickness,
  • Personal records of the prisoners,
  • Pay books,
  • Family photos and
  • other personal documents.

It is therefore possible that a tracing request will provide surviving family members with a final confirmation of death and place of burial.